More than 375 species of plants have been recorded at Spring Creek Prairie.

The tallgrass prairie, native to central North America, is the perfect host to vegetation. Its rich soil was created by the build-up of organic matter over the millennia and sustains a wide variety of plant life, more than 360 species here at Spring Creek Prairie alone.

Yet less than 2 percent of the world’s original tallgrass prairie remains. Most of such prairie has become fertile farmland due to its agricultural potential. This distinctive land of ours is North America’s most threatened ecosystem.

Wildflowers, riparian trees and shrubs, and wetland plants share this space with lichens and moss. Forbs, including sunflowers and milkweeds, also thrive here. The diversity of life forms illustrates how important each individual is to the entire ecosystem. To learn more about the tallgrass prairie, read the paper available at this University of Nebraska-Lincoln Web site, For a list of the documented species of plant life that depend on Spring Creek Prairie, click on the attachment below.

National Audubon Society - Plants for Birds

The National Audubon Society has a new effort to encourage the planting of native grasses, trees, shrubs, and flowers for the benefits of birds. Read all about it on their website.

Here is a short video about the Plants for Birds effort.

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