On-site Activities

Get to know the prairie!

Welcome to Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center!

We are SO glad you have come to explore the amazing tallgrass prairie at Spring Creek Prairie. We have prepared a few activities for you to choose from to help you get to know the prairie, no extra equipment needed! As construction continues on our trails, please watch for signs directing visitors around our building.

Spring Break Activities on the Prairie

Check out this list of great activities to help you explore the prairie if you visit during spring break week.

Prairie Senses Scavenger Hunt

Practice using your senses (sight, hearing, smell, and touch) in this fun prairie scavenger hunt. You can explore any of the prairie and woodland trails and if you’re not sure where to go, here is the link to our Trails Map.

Wetland Wonders

Spring Creek Prairie has three kinds of wetlands: ponds, marsh, and creek. Check out each one as you explore—what is the same, what is different? And what types of plants and animals live in or near the water?

Decomp Romp: Explore a Rotten Log

The woodlands are a great place to look for decomposers, those living things (insects, plants, animals, and others) that help make dead things turn into soil. What will YOU find?

Beginning Birding Bingo

Our favorite and important animals at Spring Creek Prairie are birds! The tallgrass prairie, woodlands, and wetlands are great habitats for many kinds of birds. Once you know what to look for, you will be amazed at how many different kinds birds there are out here, and make it a game by trying to get a Bingo with the birds that you see. Try the new SPRING BREAK bingo.

Find and SEEK!

If you’re really interested in “WHAT is that?”, try downloading a fun app called "SEEK." Take a photo of a plant or animal with your phone and SEEK can help you figure out what it is, and tell you a little about it!  It is from our friends at iNaturalist and is a great way to get young explorers involved in nature and becoming a community scientist!

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