Prairie Club

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The Prairie Club is back at Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center! The club is a fun, outdoor, multi-cultural club that gathers at Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center the fourth Saturday of each month (except combined Nov/Dec visit due to the holidays) to take part fun, hands-on, acitivities exploring and investingating our native tallgrass prairie habitat and wildlife. Open to the public, but focusing on youth from the neighboring community of Crete, Prairie Club is open to youth from ages 10 - 16, and participation is FREE. Registration is required as there is free transportation available from our partners at Doane College to/from Spring Creek Prairie. To see our 2015-2016 shedule or to register for Praire Club, dowload a flyer or registration form at the bottom of the page. If you want to learn more about the club and dates of future gatherings, please call 402-797-2301, or click on the "About" tab above and send us an e-mail.


Not many communities live next to a thriving tallgrass prairie that abounds with biological diversity. But Crete, Nebraska, does and this community is making the most of it!  With 2011-2012 TogetherGreen Innovation grant funds as a catalyst -- and Doane College and Crete Public Schools as partners -- the Prairie Club and a growing number of dedicated Crete volunteers have spent hundreds of hours at Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center. They have LEARNED about the prairie, SHARED their prairie experiences with friends and family, and WORKED to restore a wetland/prairie area. In all seasons and from morning to night, these Crete community members have experienced this awe-inspiring landscape and taken possession of it with their hearts.

Over the course of this year, many members have asked if we can continue the club beyond the initial year. Thanks to many willing volunteers and the generosity of our partners—Doane College and Crete Public Schools—Spring Creek Prairie is glad to be able to continue hosting the Prairie Club. If you have an interest in joining the club or serving as a volunteer, please contact Spring Creek Prairie. We are eager to involve new members/volunteers of all ages, and to benefit from the experience of members that have been involved from the beginning.

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