Regal Fritillary


Regal Fritillary. Photo: Audubon


Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center hosts a multitude of wildlife species. Hundreds of species of creatures find areas to breed, forage for food, roost, and winter safely in a variety of habitats on the preserve. If you’re interested in finding specific species, just click on the appropriate attachment below:

  • Birds (237 species)
  • Butterflies (55 species)
  • Dragonflies/Damselflies (35 species)
  • Mammals (31 species)
  • Reptiles (11 species) and Amphibians (6 species)

In recent years, numerous threats have resulted in the decline of many of Nebraska’s bird species. Spring Creek Prairie is one of Audubon’s Important Bird Areas in Nebraska, joining 25 other sites in the state that provide critical wildlife habitat for birds during breeding, migration, or for wintering. Like Audubon’s Rowe Sanctuary on the Platte River, Spring Creek Prairie offers sanctuary to a large number of birds.

Raccoon trying to climb a bird feeder pole

On-line Guide to North American Birds

Spring welcomes the return of migratory birds to the nation's backyards, woodlands, and other favorite habitats. Learn more with Audubon's on-line bird ID guide, covering over 800 North American species. Explore descriptions, photos, range maps, and bird songs at

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