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Have a “Hoot” at Spring Creek Prairie’s Owl Outing

Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center hosts owl-themed education event

Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center will host the Owl Outing, a family-friendly, owl-themed event on Friday, November 1, from 6 – 8 pm. There will be activities, a live owl show, hot apple cider, and more.

The event will kick off with an owl presentation and live owl show from Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery. Attendees can learn about the owl and its life at the recovery center while asking the volunteers questions.

Following the show, participants can take part in multiple Owl Outing activities including owl pellet dissecting, making owl crafts, and listening for owls on a guided walk.

“For many, owls are a harbinger of the season – hooting under the full moon before Halloween or screeching on a blustery night as the leaves fall,” said Jason St. Sauver, the director of education and outreach at Spring Creek Prairie. “Depending on the part of the world you come from, they can be seen as wise or witches. But no matter what, these nocturnal predatory birds never fail to amaze and inspire.”

Hot apple cider will be available for visitors; food will not be provided. The price to attend is $10 per family; registration is required at

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