SCPAC Habitat Restoration

New habitat project will strengthen grassland bird habitat

Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center (SCPAC) is partnering with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to use SCPAC as a demonstration site for the public to see firsthand the benefits of quality, targeted habitat management. Beginning in spring 2019 and continuing through 2020, SCPAC is targeting over 170 acres of the tallgrass prairie ecosystem and habitat for grassland birds for improvement by combating invasive woody plant species. 

Mechanical removal of woody species was accomplished in 2019.  Visitors may see shrub and small tree debris along the trails. In 2020, several prescribed burns are planned to be set to discourage regrowth of woody plants.

SCPAC will ensure all restoration work is done with as limited impact to the surrounding prairie lands and visitor experience as possible. Tallgrass prairie environments function best with times of disturbance. This is the first step in targeted restoration work that will allow the tallgrass prairie to continue to thrive for the grassland birds that depend on it.

How you can help, right now