An Invitation to Explore

Miles of walking trails, 850 acres of beautiful, serene vistas.

At Spring Creek Prairie Audubon Center, a new world awaits you. From a distance, tallgrass prairie seems a subtle and serene landscape but step into it with all your senses honed and you will find it is teeming with activity. Its richness and diversity are just waiting for you to explore and discover. Directions to Spring Creek Prairie can be downloaded below, as well as our trail map.

Take a self-guided tour and as you walk, note the soothing sounds of the prairie. Even when the songbirds are still you’ll become aware of life at every step. The quiet hum of life, the prairie’s own gentle symphony will surround you. And, if you check in at the Education Building, the staff will be happy to point out major features you won’t want to miss and recent sightings to look for.

Younger visitors will find an abundance of opportunity to explore here. For families, there are Discovery Backpacks complete with exploration tools and guides. If you are fascinated by plants, be sure to pick up the “Prairie Through the Eyes of a Botanist” backpack to focus your exploration.

It is important to remember that Nebraska has four seasons and the prairie is here for you in all of them. There are new treasures to be uncovered throughout the year so dress for the weather and come visit. Whether you ask for a private group program, or come to one of our planned walkabouts held each season, you’ll learn to discern the many signs of life on our tallgrass prairie.

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