SNUG-as-a-BUG: Adventures & Activities from Home

Learn how insects and other small critters survive the winter

What do bugs (insects, spiders, roly-polies, and more) do in the winter? Can they survive the cold and snow? While some move or migrate long distances (think monarchs), others find a place close by. Rotten logs and leaf litter (thick piles of old leaves) are safe places for many bugs to spend the chilly winter season.

Typically, each year both Spring Creek Prairie and Rowe Sanctuary host an on-site, family-fun program called SNUG-as-a-BUG. The programs are filled with activities to guide kids and their families on winter explorationof rotten logs, decaying leaves, and trails to search for wintering bugs and signs of animals. This yearout of an abundance of caution surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have createthe program for you and your family VIRTUALLYThese activities can be done at home, at a local park, or on the trails at Spring Creek Prairie or Rowe Sanctuary (if local health measures allow). The activities include scavenger hunts, instructions for digging into a rotten log, bug identification guides, tips for tracking winter animals, and many more resources to explore what animals do to survive the winter and stay “Snug-as-a-Bug!” Be sure to share any cool findings on our Facebook pages and remember to have super safe, sciencey fun.


What’s In A Rotten Log?

Other Nature Winter Activities

  • Winter Nature Scavenger Hunt (pdf file)
  • Animal Tracks Adventure Guides from Personal Creations (pdf file)
  • Animal Tracks Checklist & Patterns Page from Walking Mountains (pdf file)
  • Winter Word Search (pdf file)

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